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    1. Suspension Composite Insulator
    2. Suspension Composite InsulatorOur product has reliable structure and stable performance. Its mechanical strength and tensile load are high, and the margin of safe operation is great.
      The silicone rubber has excellent hydrophobicity and mobility as well as strong pollution flashover resistance, which enables our product to run safely in heavily polluted areas.
    1. Composite Pin Insulator
    2. Composite Pin InsulatorIt has excellent resistance to aging, tracking, and erosion. It also has high hydrophobicity, tensile strength, and flexural strength. With high mechanical strength, this product performs well in resisting impact, earthquake, and brittle fracture. Light in weight, it is convenient to install.
    1. Composite Post Insulator
    2. Composite Post InsulatorIt has high tensile strength and flexural strength. It is also impact resistant, quakeproof, and anti-brittle fracture. In addition, this lightweight product is easy to install. Its top and bottom mounting dimensions are the same with those of the porcelain type pin insulator, so they can be used interchangeably.
    1. Composite Cross-Arm Insulator
    2. Composite Cross-Arm InsulatorIt is capable of utilizing the narrow corridors for boost power transmission, which can reduce tower height and thus saves a lot of money. Due to its high bending strength, the cascading failure, which often arises in power lines using porcelain crossarm insulators, can be avoided.

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The solid reputation of RIGHT Electric is built upon uncompromised product quality. We were the first Chinese manufacturer to have received the DNV KEMA certificate for energy and sustainability. As a global provider of power transmission equipment, we offer quintessential items such as the lightning arrester, composite insulator, and the surge protection device. » More

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