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Surge Counter

Our JS8 or JS8A model of surge counter is connected in series with the surge arrester to count the action times of the arrester. JS8 is suitable for voltage level of 6kV-220kV while JS8A is for 330kV or higher. Their service conditions are the same with those of the arresters they are connected with. For example, the altitude does not exceed 4,000 meters; the environment temperature ranges from -40℃ to +40℃;and the service place should be free from corrosive gases, severe pollution or drastic vibration.

Structure and Working Principle
The surge counter is mainly composed of the valve, silicon bridge rectifier, capacitor, and electromagnetic counter. The surge current and power frequency current, which pass through the surge arrester, are used to fetch voltage from the valve which is actually a nonlinear resistor. Then, the capacitor is unidirectionally charged through the silicon bridge rectifier. Afterwards, the capacitor discharges to the coils of the electromagnetic counter in DC and thus moves the counter to realize the record of action times.

JS8 or JS8A only has the function of surge counting. We also provide JCQ-JC arrester monitor that has leakage current monitoring function in addition to surge counting.

The JCQ-JC arrester monitor is connected in series with the zinc oxide arrester whose voltage level is 500kV or lower, and it has identical service conditions with the arrester it is connected with. Features of this device include vibration resistance, electromagnetic counting, and current indicated by the pointer.

Structure and Characteristics
The surge arrester monitor consists of valve, rectifier, capacitor, resistor, inductor, trigger circuit, counting circuit, current measuring and converting circuit, as well as other components.

Under normal use, the leakage current of the arrester is directly indicated by the magnetic-electric panel meter. When the arrester acts, the electromagnetic counter counts. If the display limit is reached, the display automatically returns to zero and continues to count, working endlessly.

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Lightning Strike Counter | Surge Meter | Lightning Flash Counter

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