Lightning Arrester Accessories

    1. Surge CounterJS8 is suitable for voltage level of 6kV-220kV while JS8A is for 330kV or higher. Their service conditions are the same with those of the arresters they are connected with. For example, the altitude does not exceed 4,000 meters; the environment temperature
    1. Arrester DisconnectorThe arrester disconnector is a device that can disconnect an arrester from the system when the arrester malfunctions, so as to prevent sustained fault of system and give visible indication of the failed arrester.
      Our TL-1 thermal explosion type arrester disconnector conforms to lEC60099-4.
    1. Zinc-Oxide VaristorNominal discharge current (KA): 5
      Rated voltage (KV): 3-3.4
      Maximum continuous operating voltage (KV): 2.55
      Residual voltage under 8/20μs lightning impulse: 9.1

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