Zinc-Oxide Lightning Arrester

    1. YH10W, YH5W Series Polymer Lightning ArresterSmall, light, collision-resistant, as well as easy to install and maintain, our product meets the technical requirements of GB11032-2000, IEC60099-4, and IEEE.C62.11. It is an ideal choice for lightning protection.
      The housing of our polymer lightning arrester is formed by overall silicone
    1. Y5W, Y10W Series Porcelain Surge ArresterThe varistor and aluminum pole are wound by multiple layers of weftless binding tape. The assembly is then heated in the energy-saving hot air circulation oven for 6 hours to cure the weftless binding tape, thus achieving the purpose of better protecting the varistor and aluminum pole.
    1. Y5C, Y10C Series Porcelain Lightning ArresterThe series gap metal oxide lightning arrester is an important lightning protection device in AC transmission lines. When the tower arm potential rises, the series gap discharges and its lightning volt-second characteristic is lower than that of insulator, which can prevent insulator flashover and line trip.

As a professional zinc-oxide lightning arrester manufacturer in China, we provide customers with several types of such product, including polymer-housed type, porcelain-housed type, and series gap type. The YH10W series of products, with the rated voltage of 3 to 66 kV, have passed the tests in DNV KEMA Laboratories of the Netherlands. In addition, relevant accessories are offered as well.

The zinc-oxide lightning arrester we provide is mainly used in the 35-220kV AC power transmission system to limit various overvoltages that may arise in the transmission lines, reduce trip-out rate, and thus ensure safe operation of the transmission lines.

1. Formed by overall compression molding, our lightning arrester has excellent sealing performance. With a special structure, it is moisture-proof and explosion-proof.
2. It has good heat dissipation property and great overvoltage absorption capacity.
3. Small and lightweight, this product is easy for transport and installation. With collision resistance, it is less prone to damage during transportation.
4. For the surge protector with the rated voltage greater than 66kV, a Φ24 glass fiber rod is inserted into its circular varistors, forming insulator arrester integration. This enables the surge protector to have at least the same tensile strength with the insulator of the same voltage level.

Technical Performance
Our lightning protector meets the technical requirements of GB11032-2010, IEC60099-4, and IEEE.C62.11.

Our zinc oxide lightning arrester is suitable for use in the following occasions.
1. Power transmission lines with low lightning withstand level and high rate of lightning trip
2. Occasions where switching overvoltage is high and limitation is required for entering substation
3. Pole tower that has high ground resistance
4. Large-span pole tower crossing a river
5. Dry, rainless hilly and mountainous areas
6. Severely contaminated areas

Normal Operating Conditions
Ambient temperature -40℃ - +40℃
Altitude ≤1000m (For products supposed to serve in high altitude areas, please specify during ordering)
Power supply frequency 48 Hz – 62 Hz
Maximum wind speed ≤35m/s
Earthquake intensity ≤VII
The working voltage applied on the surge protector for a long period of time should not exceed the continuous operating voltage of the protector.
If the product is supposed to be used in polluted areas, customers should inform us during ordering.

Notice to Users
1. Before installation, the zinc-oxide lightning arrester should be stored in a clean, dry room and free from corrosive gases or liquids.
2. Before putting into operation, the device should be subjected to preventive tests. After putting into operation, the product should also go through periodic tests. For the lightning protector with the rated voltage of 35kV and higher, the following tests should be done every two years.
a. Insulation resistance testing, conducted in line with DL/T596-1996
b. Voltage testing at 1mA DC
c. Leakage current testing at 0.75mA DC
The test results should be compared with the corresponding data, which are listed in the product parameter sheet, obtained before operation.

1. Our surge arrester is loaded in customary packing. If customers have any special requirements on packaging, we can satisfy their needs, but the corresponding packing costs are assumed by the customers.
2. For all types of product we supply, we can design and manufacture products according to the technical requirements raised by the customers or according to the drawings provided by them.

Model Description

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