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Surge Protection Device (SPD)

The RY1-D series surge protection device, SPD for short, is suitable for use inearthing system, like TN-S, TN-C-S, TT, IT, etc., with the rated voltage up to 380V and the frequency of AC 50 or 60Hz. It is installed in the joint of LPZ1 or LPZ2 and LPZ3.

Designed according to IEC61643-1 and GB18802.1, this product is mounted on a 35mm standard rail. It is equipped with a disconnecting module. When the SPD fails in breakdown due to overcurrent-induced overheating, the disconnecting module is able to disconnect the SPD from the power grid and issue a visual alerting. Green light means normal and red indicates failure. This module can be replaced without cutting off the power supply.

Product Features
1. Our surge protection device can withstand the impact of 8/20μs 20kA lightning current.
2. Its action response time is less than 25ns.
3. The disconnecting module can be replaced without cutting off the power.
4. The color of the visible window indicates the operating status of the product, i.e., green represents normal and red means fault.

Model Description

Application Scope and Installation Position
Our RY1-D series surge protection device is applicable to lightning protection of Level D. It is usually installed in the household distribution box and the outlet box in front of or near the information equipment, electronic equipment as well as control equipment.

Main Technical Parameters
Model RY1-D
Rated Operating Voltage Un (V AC) 220 380 220 380
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc (V AC) 275 385 320 385
Voltage Protection Level kV AC ≤ 0.7 ≤ 1.0 ≤ 1.2 ≤ 1.5
Nominal Discharge Current In (8/20 μs) kA 5 10
Maximum Discharge Current Imax (8/20 μs) kA 10 20
Response Time ns < 25
Test Standard GB18802, IEC61643-1
Cross Section of L/N Line mm2 6
Cross section of PE Line mm2 16
Fuse or switch A 10A, 16A 16A, 25A
Service Environment ℃ -40℃ ~ +85℃
Relative Humidity (at 25℃) ≤ 95%
Installation 35mm standard rail
Housing Material Fiber glass reinforced plastic

Related Names
Surge Absorber | House Surge Protector | Power Supply Overvoltage Protector

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