High Voltage Fuse Cutout

    1. Drop Out Fuse CutoutIt is installed in the high voltage side of the distribution transformer or in the distribution line for overload and short circuit protection.
      Our drop out fuse cutout consists of insulating support and fuse tube. The fuse tube is composed of the inner arc suppression tube and the outer epoxy glass tube.
    1. High Voltage Current Limiting Fuse CutoutIt can be used in conjunction with other switching devices, such as load switches and vacuum contactors, to protect power transformers and other electrical equipment from overload and short circuit. It is also an essential ancillary product for the ring main unit, high voltage switchgear, and high or low voltage prefabricated substation.
    1. Fuse Cutout AccessoriesThe K or T type fuse link we supply is produced according to the IEC-282 standard. It is suitable for use in drop-out fuse cutout with the rated voltage of 11 to 36 kV.

1. Parallel-groove connector
Made of cast brass; to facilitate connection, two conductors of different sizes are included in a single connector. Other styles of connectors are available as well.

2. High-strength insulator
With higher insulation characteristics than those stated in the ANSI standards.

3. Trunnion
Made of silver-plated high-strength cast bronze; surfaces around the trunnion are pressed on the surface of the hinge to keep the fuse tube in alignment during closing.

4. Toggle joint
Ensure reliable release after interruption.

5. Trunnion pocket
Fix the fuse tube on the hinge during closing.

6. Fuse tube
Special UV-resistant coating ensures long service life; models with disconnect blade are also available.

7. One-piece channel
Made of galvanized steel which is also used to make inserts, hangers as well as structural bolts and nuts

8. Upper contacts
Silver-to-silver; stainless steel spring provides high contact pressure.

9. Attachment hooks
Guide fuse tube during closing.

10. Lower contacts
Silver-to-silver; provide a pair of current paths; not connected to hinge pivot.

11. Sturdy ferrules
Made of cast copper; pinned to top and bottom of fuse tube for permanent connection.

12. Flipper
Give quick terminal separation; used together with the toggle joint, make the twisted cable pop up fast; reduce the force transmitted to the fuse link during closing.

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