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Outdoor High Voltage AC Disconnector

The (H)GW1 disconnector is suitable for use in outdoor high-voltage distribution lines for circuit disconnecting and converting in case of high voltage and no load. It is a kind of three-phase electric equipment composed of three separate single-stage isolation switches. Each single-stage isolation switch has identical constituent parts, including base, post insulator, fixed contacts, switch blade, etc.

The GW1-12G outdoor high voltage disconnector is a modified product based on the GW1 according to current national and international standards. It is equipped with a grounding blade and CS8 manual mechanism, which can free the operators from earth wire grounding and effectively avoid such misoperation like earth wire grounding when energized or closing with grounding wire. This product has excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It conforms to GB1985, IEC129, and IEC694, which is an ideal replacement for current 10kV outdoor switch.

Our GW1-12LT outdoor high voltage disconnector is of double column vertical opening type. It is equipped with a CS8-5D rainproof manual operating mechanism and a CX-6 electric operating mechanism. This knife type switch consists of the base, insulator, and conductive portion. The base is composed of the shaft, bending plate, and the frame welded by angle iron. Six porcelain insulators are fixed on the base and every two compose a group. Three-phase operating insulators are mounted on the shaft for the opening and closing of three-phase switch blades. The conductive portion comprises contacts, switch blade, and contact shoe.

Action Process of (H)GW1 Outdoor High Voltage Disconnector
When opening, the connecting lever drives the shaft to rotate and makes the operating insulator push up the switch blade to separate the blade and the contact. The switch blade rotates around the contact shoe and the contact moves upwards to the opening position. During closing, the shaft is driven by the connecting lever to rotate and the switch blade is pulled by the operating insulator to rotate downwards. When the switch blade rotates to meet the contact, it drives the contact to rotate. Then, the two rotate to the closing position together.

Main Technical Parameters of (H)GW1 Outdoor Disconnector
Items Units Value
Rated Voltage kV 10 15 20
Max. operating voltage kV 12 17.5 23
Rated insulation level 1min power frequency withstand voltage (RMS) To earth kV 38 40 50
Between fractures kV 42 47 60
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (Peak) To earth kV 75 105 125
Between fractures kV 85 120 145
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 200 400 630 1250
4s thermal stability current (RMS) kA 6.3 12.5 20 31.5
Dynamic stability current (peak) kA 16 31.5 50 80
Operating mechanism CS8-1, CS8-D, CD8-5 rainproof manual mechanism or CX6 electric operating mechanism

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Three Phase Disconnect Switch | Electrical Isolator Switch | Power Distribution Isolating Switch

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