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Outdoor Three Pole Disconnector with Fuse Holder

High-Voltage Disconnector Overall and Installation Dimensions

Service Conditions
1. Altitude above sea level: 2000m
2. Ambient temperature: -40℃~+40℃
3. Wind speed: ≤ 35m/s
4. Earthquake intensity: ≤ 8 degrees
5. The working place should be free from frequent violent vibration.
6. For the ordinary type outdoor three pole disconnector, the installation site should be free from gases, vapors, chemical deposition, smoke, dust and other explosive or corrosive substances that seriously affect the insulation and conduction capability of the isolator.
7. The pollution-proof type product can be used in severely polluted areas, but the areas should contain no explosive matters or matters that may cause a fire.

Model Description

The RGW1-24 outdoor three pole disconnector with fuse holder is a type of high voltage switch equipment. It is suitable for use in energized, non-loaded outdoor 24kV distribution lines for circuit disconnecting. It is equipped with a CS8 manual operating mechanism, so misoperations like earth wire grounding when energized can be avoided. The pollution-proof type isolator switch can be used in filthy areas and it can solve the problem of shed pollution during working.

Main Technical Parameters
Model RGW1-24/630
Rated voltage Ur 24KV
Rated frequency Fr 50Hz
Rated current Ir 630A
Rated short time withstand current Ik 25KA
Rated short-circuit duration tk 3s
Rated peak withstand current Ip 63KA
Rated impulse withstand voltage Phase to Earth Up 125KV
Between fractures 145KV
Rated power frequency withstand voltage Phase to Earth Ud 50KV
Between fractures 60KV
RGW-B 11kV-33kV
Type Rated voltage
Rated current
4s thermal stability current (A) Dynamic stability current (A) Impulse withstand voltage
Power-frequency withstand voltage (kV)
RGW-B 11 400 12500 31500 95 42
RGW-B 33 600 12500 31500 195 80

Related Names
Electrical Safety Switch | Outdoor Isolation Switch | Fusible Disconnect Switch

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