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Outdoor High Voltage AC Disconnector

The (H)GW5 outdoor high voltage disconnector is a three-phase AC switching device used for breaking the circuit in an energized, non-loaded power system. Its rated voltage is 40.5kV, 72.5kV or 126kV.

According to the application, the product is divided into three types, which are ordinary, anti-pollution, and special types.
1. This double column V-shaped horizontal opening type disconnector comprises the base, post insulator, wire seat, contact, and other components. The two porcelain post insulators are mounted into a 50° angle on the bearings at the ends of the base, and they are perpendicular to the base. The main conductive parts are installed op top of the insulators and they can rotate around the insulator for 90 degrees.
2. The flexible red copper braided strap in the outgoing line seat is fixed to the connecting rod and the wiring board. The latter is for line connection.
3. When the disconnector is attached with an earthing switch, the interlocking of the main circuit and the earthing switch is realized by the fan-shaped plate and curved plate on the base. The main circuit and the earthing switch can not be closed at the same time.
4. There are two ways of earthing, i.e., single or double earthing. The earthing switch is available in two types of structure, type I or type II, and the type II grounding switch has the same short-circuit withstand ability as the disconnect switch.
5. Our high voltage AC disconnector is provided with a manual or electric operating mechanism. An electromagnetic lock can also be used to prevent misoperation. The exposed parts are all made of stainless steel or treated by aluminum alloy processing technology or hot-dip galvanizing technology to ensure long-term operation without corrosion and thus ensure the flexibility and reliability of the product, satisfying the application requirements in different areas.
6. The 90° driven disconnector is equipped with a CS17 manual operating mechanism for three-level linkage operation. The 180°driven product uses a CJ6 electric or CS17G manual operating mechanism for three-level linkage operation. The earthing switch is equipped with a CS17G manual operating mechanism for three-level linkage operation.

Service Conditions
Altitude ≤1000m (we can also provide product for applications above 1000m, but the customer should inform us of this situation when placing an order)
Ambient temperature -25℃ ~ +40℃
Wind speed ≤34m/s
The installation site should contain no inflammables and be free from explosion hazard, chemical corrosion, and severe vibration.
Polluted grade of supporting bushing: Normal type 0 grade. Pollution-proof type II、type III grade

Order Notice
1. When ordering, please note the type, name, as well as the rated current and voltage of the disconnector.
2. Please specify whether an earthing switch is needed. If you do not mention, we will not provide any earthing switch.
3. You are supposed to specify the pollution degree of the application site.
4. There are three mounting ways: horizontal mounting, 25o inclined mounting, and erection.
5. Please specify the type and quantity of the operating mechanism.
6. The type, control voltage, and quantity of the electromagnetic lock should be specified.

Main Technical Parameters of GW5 Disconnector
Items Units Value
Rated Voltage kV 40.5 72.5 126
Rated insulation level 1min power frequency withstand voltage (RMS) To earth kV 95 140 230
Between fractures kV 118 160 265
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) To earth kV 185 325 550
Between fractures kV 215 375 630
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 630 1250 1600 2000
Rated short time withstand current kA 20 31.5 40 40
Rated peak withstand current kA 50 80 100 100
Rated short-circuit duration s 4/2
Rated terminal mechanical load Vertical load N 750 1000
Lateral load N 500 750
Vertical force N 750 1000
Creepage distance mm 1013 1256 1813 2248 3150 3906
Mechanical life times 2000
Manual operating mechanism Model CS17, CS17G
Control circuit voltage V AC220, DC110, DC220
Motor drive mechanism Model CJ6
Motor voltage V AC380
Control circuit voltage V AC220, AC380, DC220
Opening and closing time s 6±1
Weight of product Without earthing kg 360 500 800
Single earthing kg 390 560 900
Double earthing kg 430 620 1000

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High Voltage Isolator Switch | Motor Operated Disconnect Switch | Power Isolation Switch

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