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Outdoor High Voltage AC Disconnector

The (H)GW4(A)-40.5, 72.5, 126(D)(W) disconnector is a type of three-phase outdoor high voltage transmission equipment with the frequency of AC 50 or 60 Hz. It is used to disconnect or connect high voltage lines in case of no load so as to facilitate high voltage line replacement and run mode change as well as to isolate the busbar, circuit breaker, and other high voltage equipment from the energized lines.

This double-column horizontal fracture center-opening disconnector can have an earthing switch installed on one or both sides of it. It is equipped with the CS14G or CS11 manual operating mechanism or the CJ2 motor operating mechanism for three-pole linkage operation. The earthing switch uses the CS14G manual operating mechanism for three-pole linkage operation.

Our product conforms to GB1985-2004 High-Voltage AC Disconnectors and Earthing Switches, DL/T486-2010 High-Voltage AC Disconnectors and Earthing Switches, as well as GB/T11022-1999 and DL/T593-2006 Common Technical Requirements of High-Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment Standards. It also complies with the Relevant Provisions of High Voltage Disconnect Switch Ordering issued by State Grid Corporation.

1. The conductive loop adopts the double slot type conductive bar, which increases the cooling area and reduces the temperature rise in the conductive parts.
2. The contact finger is made from a new material with high strength, high conductivity, and high elasticity. It clamps the contact by using its own elasticity. This avoids such vicious circle that the clamping force is reduced due to spring rust, heating, and annealing, then the contact resistance increases, and the contact heating exacerbates. Also, the contact finger and contact finger seat are connected by bolts, which reduces the possibility that the contact resistance increases due to the oil stain and dust's entry into the contact point. This conductive portion structure has obtained national utility model patent.
3. The rotating part of our outdoor high voltage AC disconnector is designed to be maintenance-free. The bearing housing is designed to be of a sealing structure, so the water vapor, dust, and harmful gases can not enter. The applying of low temperature grease makes the bearing always work in a good environment. All steel parts are made of stainless steel or processed by hot-dip galvanizing, ensuring that the isolator switch never rusts and its operation is flexible and reliable.
4. The earthing switch is assembled on site. The left and right grounding parts are exactly the same, so it is easy to switch between left and right grounding.
5. With identical mounting dimensions with the GW4-126 isolation switch, the GW4A-126 high voltage AC disconnector can be used to directly replace GW4-126.

Product Application
Technical Parameters of (H)GW4(A)-40.5, 72.5, 126(D)(W) Disconnector
Items Units Value
Rated Voltage kV 40.5 72.5 126
Rated insulation level 1min power frequency withstand voltage (RMS) To earth kV 95 140 230
Between fractures kV 118 160 265
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (Peak) To earth kV 185 325 550
Between fractures kV 215 375 630
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 630 1250 1600 2000 3150 4000
Rated short time withstand current, 4s kA 20 31.5 40 40 50 63
Rated peak withstand current kA 50 80 100 100 125 160
Rated duration short-circuit s 4/2
Rated terminal mechanical load Vertical load N 750 1000
Lateral load N 500 750
Vertical force N 750 1000
Creepage Distance mm 1013-1256 1813-2248 3150-3906
Mechanical life times 2000
Manual operating mechanism Without earthing CS11
Single earthing CS8-6D
Double earthing Main switch: CS14G(F);
Earthing switch: CS11(F)
Control circuit voltage V AC220, DC110, DC220
Motor operating mechanism Model CJ6
Motor voltage V AC380
Control circuit voltage V AC220, AC380, DC220
Opening and closing time s 6±1
Weight of product Without earthing kg 360 500 700
Single earthing kg 410 600 800
Double earthing kg 460 700 900

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