Outdoor High Voltage AC Disconnector

    1. (H)GW9 Outdoor High Voltage AC DisconnectorIt is mainly composed of the base, post insulator, conductive portion, and operating mechanism. The post insulator, either porcelain housed or silicone rubber housed, is mounted on the base. A switch blade structure is used for the cutting off and closing of lines. Each switch blade consists of two conductive
    1. (H)GW1 Outdoor High Voltage AC DisconnectorIt is a kind of three-phase electric equipment composed of three separate single-stage isolation switches. Each single-stage isolation switch has identical constituent parts, including base, post insulator, fixed contacts, switch blade, etc.
      The GW1-12G outdoor high voltage disconnector is a modified product
    1. RGW1 Type Outdoor Three Pole Disconnector with Fuse HolderIt is suitable for use in energized, non-loaded outdoor 24kV distribution lines for circuit disconnecting. It is equipped with a CS8 manual operating mechanism, so misoperations like earth wire grounding when energized can be avoided. The pollution-proof type isolator switch can be used in filthy
    1. (H)GW5 Outdoor High Voltage AC DisconnectorThis double column V-shaped horizontal opening type disconnector comprises the base, post insulator, wire seat, contact, and other components. The two porcelain post insulators are mounted into a 50° angle on the bearings at the ends of the base, and they are perpendicular to the base.
    1. (H)GW4(A)-10,15,24(D)(W) Outdoor High Voltage AC DisconnectorThe operating mechanism drives the insulators on one end to rotate and the insulators on the other end are driven through the cross connecting rod to rotate in an inverse direction for 90 degrees. Then, the conductive knife switch rotates in the horizontal plane to realize the opening and closing of the disconnector.
    1. GW4 – 252(D)(W) Outdoor High Voltage DisconnectorIt is composed of three poles and each pole comprises a base, two rotational support insulators, and a main blade moving horizontally.
      The base of our disconnector is made of a square tube in which the turntables and bearing housings are installed.
    1. GW(F)-12R/200-6.3 Outdoor High Voltage DisconnectorIt is used to protect the transmission lines and power transformers from overload and short circuit in the power system with the rated voltage of AC 12kV and frequency of 50Hz. Also, it can be operated with load.
      Simple in structure and reliable in action, our disconnector is able to interrupt load current and an isolated fracture is clearly visible.

The disconnector is one of the most commonly used device in the power system. It is mainly used for isolation during the maintenance of electrical equipment or lines so as to ensure safety.

Since the disconnector is unable to disconnect load current or short circuit current, it should be used in conjunction with a circuit breaker. During power failure, the circuit breaker should be firstly switched on and then the disconnect switch. During power transmission, the disconnect switch should be switched off firstly and then the circuit breaker.

Application and Standards Compliant
1. This AC 50Hz outdoor high voltage power transmission equipment is used to disconnect or connect high voltage lines in case of no load, so as to bring convenience to line replacement and run mode change as well as to disconnect the electrical equipment to be maintained from the energized high voltage lines.

2. The product model is formulated according to JB/T8754-1998 High-Voltage Switching Device Model Compilation Method, and our product conforms to the following standards.
a. GB1985-2004 High-Voltage AC Disconnectors and Earthing Switches;
b. GB/T11022-1999 and DL/T593-2006 Common Technical Requirements of High-Voltage Switching Equipment and Control Equipment Standards;
c. DL/T486-2000 Technical Conditions for Ordering AC Disconnectors and Earthing Switches
In addition, our outdoor high voltage AC disconnector also complies with Relevant Provisions of High Voltage Disconnect Switch Ordering issued by State Grid Corporation.

Note: For the important parameters and configurations that are not explicitly defined in GB1985-2004, we refer to GB11022-2000 General Technical Conditions for High Voltage Switching Equipment.

Application Environment Conditions
Altitude ≤ 1000m (if customers need product capable of serving in places above 1000m, we can make products in line with GB311.1-1997 to meet their needs)
Ambient temperature -40℃~+40℃
Wind speed ≤ 35m/s
Earthquake intensity ≤ VIII
Insulator contamination level Class 0 for ordinary type;
Class II for anti-pollution type;
If customers have special requirements on this index, please discuss with us
The installation site should have no flammable substance, explosion hazard, chemical corrosion or severe vibration.

Related Names
Electrical Disconnect Switch | Industrial Safety Switch | High Voltage Electrical Equipment