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Outdoor High Voltage AC Neutral Point Disconnector

Our GW13 neutral pointdisconnector, an outdoor AC 50Hz electrical apparatus, is used to disconnect and connect the neutral point line of the transformer in case of no load. It is available in three voltage levels, 40.5kV, 72.5kV, and 126kV.

This disconnector consists of the bracket, base, post insulator, contact, terminal block, and other components. The post insulators and conductive parts are mounted on the base, and the two posy insulators are arranged into an angle of 50 degrees. The base is fixed at a 25° tilt bracket and a shaft, which is connected with the operating mechanism, is installed in the bracket. The CS17G manual operating mechanism or the CJ6 motor drive mechanism can be used.

1. This switching device adopts a double-column, center break structure. It has the contact self-cleaning function, which improves contact reliability.
2. The rotating part of this neutral point disconnector is designed to meet the requirement of freedom from maintenance.
a. The rotating seat is designed to be of a sealing structure, preventing the water vapor, dust, and harmful gases from entering. This helps to provide a good working environment for the bearing and the molybdenum disulfide lithium-based grease. Hence, the bearing never rusts and the lubricating grease is unable to flow out or dry, which ensure no increase in the operating torque of the long-running disconnector.
b. A cooperative structure consisting of stainless steel shaft pin and oil-free self-lubricating bearing is adopted.
c. All steel parts are processed by hot dip galvanizing, which ensures that the neutral point disconnector is easy and reliable to operate and it never rusts.

Order Notice
1. When ordering, please point out the type as well as the rated voltage and current of the product;
2. The type of the operating mechanism and the number of the auxiliary contacts should be specified as well.
3. If a motor drive mechanism is chosen, please specify the motor voltage and the control circuit voltage.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Units GW13-40.5 GW13-72.5 GW13-126
Rated voltage kV 40.5 72.5 126
Rated current A 630 630 630
Rated short-time withstand current, 4s kA 8 20 20
Rated peak withstand current kA 20 50 50
Rated short circuit duration s 2 2 2
1min power frequency withstand voltage (RMS) kV 80 140 95
Lightning impulse withstand voltage, 1.2/50µs (peak) kV 185 325 250
Operating torque of manual mechanism Nm 150
Mechanical life times 2000 2000 2000
Minimum insulation gap after opening mm ≥375 ≥675 ≥1050
Main loop resistance µΩ ≤180 ≤200 ≤250
Weight of single pole kg 120 125 150
Operating mechanism CS17G manual mechanism or CJ6 or CK7 electric mechanism

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