High Voltage Disconnector

The high voltage disconnector is a type of three-phase AC 50 or 60 Hz outdoor power transmission equipment. It is used to disconnect or connect high voltage lines under the condition of no load, so as to facilitate line replacement and run mode change as well as to realize safe electrical isolation of high voltage electrical equipment, such as circuit breaker, etc., for maintenance.

Model Definition
The model of our disconnector is defined according to JB/T8754-1998, High-Voltage Switching Device Model Compilation Method.

Rated current (A)
Special requirements
C-Wall penetrating type     D-Single earthing type     IID-Double earthing type G- Plateau type        W- Anti-pollution type Rated voltage (kV)
Design number
Application place
W-Outdoor type    N-Indoor type Product type
G-Ceramic insulation    HG-Composite insulation    JD-With earthing switch

Related Names
Industrial Isolator Switch | Electrical Substation Switches | High Voltage Disconnecting Switches