1. Suspension Composite InsulatorOur product has reliable structure and stable performance. Its mechanical strength and tensile load are high, and the margin of safe operation is great.
      The silicone rubber has excellent hydrophobicity and mobility as well as strong pollution flashover resistance, which enables our product to run safely in heavily polluted areas.
    1. Composite Pin InsulatorIt has excellent resistance to aging, tracking, and erosion. It also has high hydrophobicity, tensile strength, and flexural strength. With high mechanical strength, this product performs well in resisting impact, earthquake, and brittle fracture. Light in weight, it is convenient to install.
    1. Composite Post InsulatorIt has high tensile strength and flexural strength. It is also impact resistant, quakeproof, and anti-brittle fracture. In addition, this lightweight product is easy to install. Its top and bottom mounting dimensions are the same with those of the porcelain type pin insulator, so they can be used interchangeably.
    1. Composite Cross-Arm InsulatorIt is capable of utilizing the narrow corridors for boost power transmission, which can reduce tower height and thus saves a lot of money. Due to its high bending strength, the cascading failure, which often arises in power lines using porcelain crossarm insulators, can be avoided.
    1. Polymer Line Post InsulatorLaunched in 2011, the polymer line post insulator is horizontally mounted and mainly used in high voltage lines. It has been exported to Africa and South America. Custom-made products can be made according to the technical parameters or drawings provided by the customers.
    1. YH10W, YH5W Series Polymer Lightning ArresterSmall, light, collision-resistant, as well as easy to install and maintain, our product meets the technical requirements of GB11032-2000, IEC60099-4, and IEEE.C62.11. It is an ideal choice for lightning protection.
      The housing of our polymer lightning arrester is formed by overall silicone
    1. Y5W, Y10W Series Porcelain Surge ArresterThe varistor and aluminum pole are wound by multiple layers of weftless binding tape. The assembly is then heated in the energy-saving hot air circulation oven for 6 hours to cure the weftless binding tape, thus achieving the purpose of better protecting the varistor and aluminum pole.
    1. Y5C, Y10C Series Porcelain Lightning ArresterThe series gap metal oxide lightning arrester is an important lightning protection device in AC transmission lines. When the tower arm potential rises, the series gap discharges and its lightning volt-second characteristic is lower than that of insulator, which can prevent insulator flashover and line trip.
    1. Lightning Arrester Accessories
    1. RY1-D Series Surge Protection Device (SPD)Designed according to IEC61643-1 and GB18802.1, this product is mounted on a 35mm standard rail. It is equipped with a disconnecting module. When the SPD fails in breakdown due to overcurrent-induced overheating, the disconnecting module is able to disconnect the SPD from the power grid and issue a visual alerting. Green light means normal and red indicates failure.
    1. RY1-C Series Surge Protection Device (SPD)This product is mounted on a 35mm standard rail and it is equipped with a disconnecting module. This module can disconnect the failed SPD from the power system and give a visual alarm. It can be replaced with no need to cut off the power.
    1. RY1-B Series Surge Protection Device (SPD)When the SPD fails due to overcurrent-induced overheating, a built-in disconnecting module can disconnect it from the power grid and turns the visual window on the SPD from green to red. This module can be replaced online.
    1. RY3 Series Surge Protection Device (SPD)Mounted on a 35mm standard rail, our product is equipped with a disconnecting module. This module can disconnect the SPD failed due to overcurrent-induced overheating from the power system and turn the visual window from green to red.
    1. Drop Out Fuse CutoutIt is installed in the high voltage side of the distribution transformer or in the distribution line for overload and short circuit protection.
      Our drop out fuse cutout consists of insulating support and fuse tube. The fuse tube is composed of the inner arc suppression tube and the outer epoxy glass tube.
    1. High Voltage Current Limiting Fuse CutoutIt can be used in conjunction with other switching devices, such as load switches and vacuum contactors, to protect power transformers and other electrical equipment from overload and short circuit. It is also an essential ancillary product for the ring main unit, high voltage switchgear, and high or low voltage prefabricated substation.
    1. Fuse Cutout AccessoriesThe K or T type fuse link we supply is produced according to the IEC-282 standard. It is suitable for use in drop-out fuse cutout with the rated voltage of 11 to 36 kV.