Overvoltage Protector Selection

We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of three-phase modular overvoltage protector, i.e., lightning arrester. We have developed 50 models of 3-35kV indoor and outdoor lightning arrester under six categories, such as indoor ordinary type (three-column and four-column), indoor type with instrument (mini surge counter, fault indicator, online monitor, discharge recorder, online monitor with PC interface), indoor explosion-proof type with disconnecting device, motor neutral point protection type, outdoor ordinary type, outdoor type with instrument (surge counter, online monitor), outdoor explosion-proof type, and outdoor plateau type. The main object of protection includes main transformer, air switch, cable, motor, capacitor bank, and more.

Our three-phase modular overvoltage protector can be divided into gapless type and gapped type. For the former, as long as there is overvoltage in the system, it comes into play. However, for the latter, only when the overvoltage in the system is strong enough to break down the series gap in the overvoltage protector and make it discharge, the gapped overvoltage protector can act.

Therefore, we give the following recommendation on selecting three-phase modular surge arrester. Under normal conditions, the gapless type is suitable. When the system disturbance voltage is too large or the switch is frequently opened and closed, it would be better to choose the gapped surge arrester.

To meet different application needs, our company has invested a lot in developing many kinds of overvoltage protectors as well as matching instruments for users to choose.